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Build a career as a Catholic counselor!

Opportunities:  Full-time and Part-time Counseling positions, and Masters-level Internships

The Rejoice Community is built on the values of faithful integration of our Catholic faith, professionalism, and strong community. We are building career paths for clinicians who want to place their gift of counsel at the service of the Church and local community while being part of a clinical team.

We employ licensed counselors, social workers, and psychologists who are passionate about our mission to integrate the psychological sciences with a Catholic vision of the human person in the service of human flourishing. Career paths exist in pastoral or parish-based settings via Rejoice Counseling’s Parish Counseling Services, as well as group practice settings via our Laetare Group initiative.

If you would like to explore future opportunities with the Rejoice Community, please contact our Relationship Manager, Michael Gross, at

If our vision and mission resonate with you, please send your resume and cover letter indicating which opportunity you are seeking.


The Values We Stand By

Rejoice in the Lord always
Remain faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church
Exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, while still having fun
Be voices of compassion, hope and faith
Never leave a client alone on their journey
Support the needs of pastors and parishes, to make their pastoral care plan even stronger
Stay true to ourselves and place our unique talents at the service of the Church
Live as apostles of joy and empower our clients to do the same