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In this video presentation, our Parish Services Director, Nick LaRocca, speaks about forgiveness as a call to mercy, as he integrates theology and psychology. The link below was recorded at St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church while speaking at their monthly Theology on the Vine Series. Nick uses the Gospel parable of the Prodigal Son as a backdrop of mercy, forgiveness, and the bitterness of anger and resentment. Going further he examines excerpts from papal documents and synthesizes the four steps of forgiveness as outlined by psychologists Enright & Fitzgibbons. Forgiveness and God’s divine mercy are a part of our everyday lives. We all need to forgive someone or be forgiven, or need to help our loved ones learn about forgiveness. Jump to 23:00 to see what forgiveness is not, 25:00 for a clear definition of what forgiveness is, or 29:00 to begin understanding the four stages of forgiveness.