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Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.

(Matthew 5:8)

Pornography & Sexual Addiction

Pornography and sexual addition have become a modern plague, harming families as both youth and parents alike fall prey to their seduction. With more than 70% of kids being exposed to pornography before age 18, it’s no wonder so many youth, men, and women are trapped by pornography and sexual addiction.

Our culture only makes the situation worse because nowadays viewing pornography can be anonymous, accessible, and affordable. When these three A’s are present then any addiction will thrive, especially addiction to pornography and sex. Therefore, the first wall of defense in overcoming pornography consists of both accountability and limits to its access.

Other important components for recovery include understanding what is the root cause of the addiction, learning about the addictive cycle and how to counteract it, developing a healthier lifestyle and balanced routine, broadening your support system, and growing in the spiritual life.

Finally, there is the need to learn to “see” differently—to no longer see other people as objects for self-gratification, and instead to see with the eyes of God.

As professional counselors we can help you make and execute a plan that can protect you and your family from pornography and sexual addiction.