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'Cast all your worries upon Him because He cares for you.'

(1 Peter 5:7)


Facing infertility as spouses can be disheartening and a source of grief. At times, the stress can even begin to drive a wedge between a husband and wife—right when they need each other the most. There is no doubt that infertility becomes a cross for many couples. However, when a couple suffers together and overcomes trials together they will actually grow in deeper intimacy. Their love for each other will increase a hundredfold.

As Catholic counselors and marriage therapists, we will guide you to lean on God and one another once again as you cope with the experience of infertility. We will also work with you through the grief, anxiety, depression, and fears that may be impacting you as you struggle with infertility. We understand what you are going through—and we are here to help and give you hope.


If you want to find peace in this difficult time, while also strengthening your marriage, then contact us to work with a professional counselor.