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Remember the joy of saying 'I do'?

Keep your joy alive

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage is a beautiful gift, in which we experience a love that fills the depths of our heart and soul. The Catholic Church teaches that the human love between spouses is “caught up into divine love.” The love of God is the source of all love. So when a husband and wife are filled with God’s love they become capable of loving each other completely and faithfully, until death do they part.

Continuously enriching your marriage is essential for lifelong friendship and happiness. It allows your love to be renewed and fosters thankfulness for each other. Marriage enrichment helps couples to deepen their intimacy–emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, and spiritual intimacy. Each of these are essential for a vibrant and holy marriage.

Speaking to spouses on Valentine’s Day in 2014, Pope Francis summarized the art of living together in three phrases: excuse me, thank you and I’m sorry. He said, “‘Excuse me’ is the gentle request to enter into someone’s life with respect and attention.” “‘Thank you’” is not just a polite manner of speaking but a sign of gratitude. And “I’m sorry”, he said, allows us to learn from and recognize our mistakes and faults. “We all know that the perfect family doesn’t exist, nor the perfect husband, or the perfect wife,” he said. “We won’t even talk about the perfect mother-in-law,” the Pope said jokingly. “Jesus, knows us well, he teaches us a secret: to never end the day without asking for forgiveness, without returning peace to our house, to our family.”

Our Catholic marriage counselors believe in the beauty and sanctity of marriage. Whether you are thinking of giving your marriage a little “tune up” or diving in deeper to enrich your marriage in a variety of ways, we are prepared to work with you to meet your goals.

Ways to keep your marital love fresh and strong…

Celebrate your love every day

Continue dating each other

Laugh and play

Stay young, but grow old together

Make sure your marriage continues to be a story of love and joy