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Stress Management

Do people ever say to you things like, “Just calm down”, “Get a grip on yourself”, “You’re stressing me out too!” Well, it probably means you really are stressing out too much. But simply “calming down” or “getting a grip” isn’t easy either.

Stress is a normal part of life. But when stress is prolonged and a person never has relief then it can have many negative affects. Some physical symptoms include headaches, an upset stomach, heart problems and high blood pressure. Negative affects on the emotional life include depression or anxiety. Furthermore, some people will end up using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and relax. This leads to additional problems including risky behaviors.

If you are overwhelmed with stress then it’s important to know that stress can be managed. We can help you develop coping skills and create a healthy routine and balanced lifestyle that lessen the affects of stress. We will also help you to think about life differently and keep things in perspective, so that you worry less and live more. Finally, we can aid you in growing spiritually as another way to give your concerns to God and receive His peace.

Feeling stressed? Just calm down already, we can help.